Monday, March 3, 2008

Graduate Assistant - Office of Sponsored Programs

Graduate Assistant - Office of Sponsored Programs
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The Graduate Staff Assistant will conduct preliminary institution-wide fiscal and administrative evaluations related to outgoing subcontracts or subawards (hereinafter “subcontracts”); review request for subcontracts, especially subcontract modifications and prepare documents to facilitate the transfer of funds; and coordinate the close out process of all subcontracts, including the requirements for Exhibit D Close Out Certification.

This position has responsibility for a wide range of subcontract duties including preparing subcontracts and subcontract modifications, ensuring compliance with sponsor and university policies, conducting subcontract negotiation, and acting as liaison between sponsors, faculty and department administrators.

Responsible for issuing subcontract modifications and in some cases subcontracts to ensure completeness, reasonableness and accuracy; the position will conduct administrative review of allowability of costs including cost sharing requirements, facilities and administrative costs, benefit-loading rates, and subcontract proposals; and ensure appropriate review for compliance with human subjects, animal use, conflict of interest regulations and policies. Will interact with a variety of funding agencies using various electronic systems.

Closes on 3/17/08