Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teaching Assistantships - The School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Position Description: The School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences anticipates two Teaching Assistantships will be available in the following course for Autumn 2008:
Fish 210 - Methods in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Quarter Offered: Autumn 2008
Instructor Name: Dr. Tim Essington
Lectures: MWF, 12:30-1:20
Lab: MW 1:30-4:20 OR TTh, 1:30-4:20
Course Website: http://fish.washington.edu/classes/fish210/

TA responsibilities include:

  • TA's at 50% effort should expect to average approximately 20 hours/week throughout the appointmentperiod, for a total of 220 hours over the course of the quarter. Autumn appointments run from Sept.16th - Dec. 15th, although if course responsibilities extend after the 15th, TA's should expect toparticipate (ie: grading final projects and exams.)
  • TA is responsible for, in conjunction with the SAFS Laboratory Coordinator, the coordination andexecution of two 3-hour laboratory sections, which will include quantitative, wet lab, and fieldactivities.
  • TA is responsible for grading assignments associated with the laboratory portion of the course,which may include term papers.
  • TA is expected to hold a minimum of 1 office hour per week.
  • TA is expected to attend all lectures and one weekly administrative meeting.
  • TA is expected to attend evening field trip usually held on third friday of October.

  • Academic standing as a UW Graduate Student and eligibility to hold a Graduate StudentAssistantship.
  • Availability for full appointment time frame (Sept. 16th - Dec. 15th.)
  • Ability to give students feedback on writing
  • Proficiency with Excel and Word
  • Ability to work independently and coordinate multiple varied tasks simultaneously
  • Current Animal Care Certification (online course - must have by start of course, if hired)
  • Current certification in First Aid, CPR (or must have by start of course, if hired)
  • Current Drivers License and UW Motorpool van driver training by start of course.
  • Participation in both the UW Teaching Asst Conference and the COFS Practical TA Training inmid-late September 2008. Also, participation in the UW laboratory safety training, if not alreadycompleted.
Application Process: All applicants should submit through the UWHires Website: https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/eng/candidates/
On the above site, under category, choose Academic Student Employee or search for Req # 44595.

Part of the application process for this position includes completing an on-line cover letterassessment as well as the Employment Eligibility Assessment to obtain additional information thatwill be used in the evaluation process. The assessments will appear on your screen for you tocomplete as soon as you select "Apply to this Position" on this job announcement. Once you begin theassessment, it must be completed at that time. If you select to take it later, it will appear onyour "My Jobs" page to take when you are ready. Please note that your application will not be reviewed, and you will not be considered for this position until the assessment is complete. In the cover letter assessment, please: . identify strengths you would bring to this position; . your background and abilities directlyrelated to this specific course; . contact information for 2-3 references (name, title, phone,email) familiar with your teaching and/or research abilities.

A 50% FTE Teaching Assistantship pays a stipend (which varies depending on graduate level andstudent's home department). Salary schedule may be seen at: http://www.grad.washington.edu/fellow/salaryschedule.htm
Teaching Assistants will be required to register for a minimum of ten credits per quarter;successful applicants will be responsible for paying any student fees. Operating Fee (including mostof tuition) will be paid. Graduate Appointee accident/sickness insurance will be provided.

Preference will be given to applications received by Monday, June 16, 2008. Decisions and notifications will be made by Monday, June 23, 2008.

Notes: This job classification is governed by a negotiated labor contract and is subject to union shopprovisions. For more information about union shop provisions, visit: http://www.washington.edu/admin/hr/laborrel/contracts/uaw/contract/preamble.html The University of Washington is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

To request disability accommodation in the application process, contact the Disability Services Office at206.543.6450 / 206.543.6452 (tty) or dso@u.washington.edu.