Monday, July 28, 2008

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Research Assistant
Urban Ecology Research Laboratory
Position available: 09/16/2008
To ensure consideration, apply by: 08/08/2008

As part of an NSF Biocomplexity project, the Urban Ecology Research Laboratory is seeking a currently registered Ph.D student to serve as a Research Assistant (RA) (20h/week) to participate in land cover change model development. The RA is encouraged to develop a portion of his/her thesis research on the topic of land cover change modeling methods and applications, and will work directly with Prof. Marina Alberti (Urban Design and Planning). The RA position will provide 50% support and tuition wavier for up to 12 months, beginning Autumn Quarter 2008. Although initial appointment will be made through Fall 2008, the appointment will be renewed as long as good progress is being made on the project.

Further information about the UW Biocomplexity project and urban ecology research laboratory is available at:

Expected Duties:
The student will be expected to conduct research and participate in land cover change model development at the Urban Ecology Research Lab. We are looking for a student with strong interest in human-natural interactions and strong quantitative skills with experience in spatial analysis, statistics, and modeling.

How to Apply

Please send resume and cover letter to:
Lucy Hutyra
Research Manager, UERL
Campus Box 355740


  • Academic standing as a UW Graduate Student and eligibility to hold a Graduate Student Assistantship beginning Autumn 2008 and be prepared to maintain full-time graduate status over the full course of the next 12 months
  • Strong computer skills (including GIS, python programming, and statistics)
  • Ability to follow instructions while also working independently
  • Genuine interest in Puget Sound ecology, land cover change dynamics and modeling