Monday, September 8, 2008

Research Assistant - PNNL/UW Project

UW is seeking MSIM student applicants for an RA position with the PNNL/UW Project - Next Generation Honeypots. This project is concerned with investigating virtualization detection and attack techniques with honeypots. Direct outcome of this work will be an assessment of whether virtualization is suited for network instrumentation and measurements. Client honeypot network measurement instruments will be used as the primary means to make this assessment.

This position will average 20 hours per week, Monday through Friday. The RA will attend team meetings and work closely with an external advisory team and University operations.


· Attend meetings with the research and advisory team

· Maintain webpages for the project and Center

· Develop and deploy virtualization experiments with honeypots, this would include programming in Java

· Maintain related documentation

· Participate in the development of publications and presentation of results

· Act as liaison between the project and UW Information Technology operations


· The successful applicant must have the following experience and abilities:

o Set-up and deploy honeypots

o Analyze malware

o Develop experiments

o Build security tools involving client honeypots and drive-by downloads, analyzing drive-by downloads.

· Bachelor degree in computer science

· 1-2 years experience programming in Java, and know how to use virtualization software.

Preferred Qualifications

· Enjoy working with client honeypots

· Strong interest in pursuing doctoral studies

· Prior publication(s) in the area of honeypots

This position is open to MSIM students at the Information School. MSIM students are eligible for a partial tuition waiver and benefits. Questions regarding salary, tuition, and benefits should be directed to Crystal Yost, Human Resources Coordinator Successful student must be enrolled for a minimum of 10 credits each quarter to be eligible.

To apply

  1. Please include a cover letter describing your skills and experiences relevant to position.
  2. Attach a current resume that includes your work history and academic accomplishments.

Please submit all application materials to Crystal Yost at or to Mary Gates Hall, Suite 370, no later than Friday, September 12th. All candidates will be contacted within two weeks of closing date.

*Please Note: This position is pending final approval of funding