Monday, May 18, 2009

Teaching Assistantships - Global Health

GH 415 / GH 515: Challenges in Global Health
Professor Christopher Murray

Fall Quarter 2009

This course will provide an introduction to the health problems of the world's populations, and the major challenges to improving health at a global level to undergraduate and graduate students. It is an inter-disciplinary exploration of the factors that account for these health patterns, ranging from their physiological basis to their economic, social and political context. Topics include: infectious diseases, injuries, risk factors, health system performance, and the role of international agencies in shaping the landscape of global health policy. Special attention will be paid to how we know what we know about global health.

Position summary and responsibilities: Professor Christopher Murray is seeking two Teaching Assistants for the Undergraduate and Graduate portions of this course. Based on academic qualifications and experience, selected individuals will be assigned and responsible for either the Undergraduate or Graduate section of this course. Teaching Assistants will be supervised by Professor Christopher Murray and responsible for the following items:

o Lead and facilitate quiz/discussion sections.
o Support students with course assignments and papers.
o Help students achieve to learning objectives.
o Grade problem sets, projects and exams.
o Write problem sets and draft exams.
o Contribute to maintenance of course website.

Weekly hours: 20

Start date: September 20, 2009

End date: December 17, 2009


• Master’s or PhD student.
• Strong quantitative background.
• Related research or coursework in the disciplines of Public Health: Demography, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Global health, Health services, Environmental and Occupational Health.

Monthly Salary:

• Depending upon academic eligibility, monthly salary will range from 1,488 to 1,718.
• Monthly earnings are based on the Standard UW TA salaries
(Listed at

Benefits: GAIP Insurance and Tuition except about $230/quarter if 20 hours per week and employed 5 out of 6 half-month pay periods/quarter. No benefits if less.

How to apply:

Application Deadline: May 28

Required application materials:

• Cover letter
• Curriculum vitae or resume
• Unofficial academic transcript

Send required materials to:

Email applications materials to:


Contact Sean Lassiter at or (206) 897-2832.