Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Program on Climate Change Fellowships

Graduate student fellowships are an important part of the PCC, and are awarded to highly qualified students interested or involved in interdisciplinary climate research. Traditionally, fellowships have been awarded to first-year students in one of the PCC core departments.
To enhance PCC's interdisciplinary flavor , we now also award PCC fellowships to students *outside the core* departments.

The Program on Climate Change is able to award one nine-month at-large fellowship for the academic year 2010/2011; the student may be an incoming, first year student, or an existing student enrolled in a degree granting UW department, excluding those in departments that currently receive PCC fellowships (ESS, Chemical and Physical Oceanography, and Atmospheric Sciences).

To be considered for this fellowship, the student must have the prerequisite science and mathematics coursework to qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS) as listed under part (b) of the Admission Requirements (see Graduate Certificate link under Academics on the PCC web site).

Application materials must be submitted to the PCC office, with recommendation from a potential faculty advisor in their home department, by 5 May 2010. The application must include:

1. A copy of the application submitted to the home department, including undergraduate and graduate transcripts (where applicable).

2. Statement from the applicant describing their research area, how they see the PCC relating to their career/research interests, and affirm that they plan to fulfill the requirements of the climate certificate.

3. Recommendation from their chosen faculty advisor, who should be or become familiar with the PCC and PCC educational goals.

4. A list of science and mathematics prerequisites and grades received, that fulfill the Admission Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science (GCeCS).

*All PCC Fellowship Awardees are expected to participate in PCC-sponsored activities and are highly encouraged to enroll in the graduate climate certificate (GCeCS) .*

Additional PCC program information can be found at:

Questions? Please contact the PCC Director, Chris Bretherton (breth@washington.edu), or the PCC Program Manager, Miriam Bertram (uwpcc@u.washington.edu).