Monday, January 4, 2010

CHID Teaching Assistant Applications


For graduate students who might be interested in TAing for CHID during the 2010-11 academic year. (We will not be hiring additional TAs for Winter or Spring 2010.) We have changed the application from a paper one to an electronic one that can be found here:

Applicants will need to upload a copy of their CV (PDFs are preferred, but Word documents are acceptable, too) and unofficial transcript (MyUW can generate a PDF of this) and provide the names and contact information of two references. We may contact references for further information about the applicant. We also may contact the applicant for additional information. This application requires that applicants have a UW NetID. If an applicant does not have a UW NetID, they should contact me via email at

In general, CHID is able to hire very few new TAs for our classes. When we do hire people, we are rarely able to offer them more than one or two quarters of funding.

The deadline for this application is February 26, 2010.