Monday, March 8, 2010

Center for Human Rights - Funds for Students

The Abe Osheroff and Gunnel Clark Fund provides financial resources for undergraduate and graduate students to support human rights projects that promote social change through direct action. The awards can provide funds up to $1500. The number of awards and amounts will vary depending on the number and quality of applications.


All undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Washington (Bothell, Seattle, Tacoma) are eligible to apply. All hands-on human rights projects are eligible, whether the work involves human rights issues in the United States or elsewhere in the world.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to projects with the following characteristics:

• Feasibility. The project has clearly specified objectives, a specific and realistic work plan (including tasks and timelines if appropriate), and the candidate possesses the skills and resources to carry out the work required.

• Sustainability. The project will make a practical human rights benefit.

• Partnership. The project will be undertaken in conjunction with an established organization working in the topical or geographic area where the project is to be carried out. This ensures that the student’s work is viewed as productive and positive contribution by groups which are already active in the field, and that the student will benefit from the guidance of experienced leaders.

Application materials

• A statement (approximately 500 words) describing the project and the candidate’s qualifications.

• A letter of support from the partnership organization.

• A budget describing how the funds will be used, and if the funds available through this grant are insufficient to cover project costs, where other funds will come from to ensure the project’s completion.

• A resume, including current address and contact information.

• References—names of two University of Washington faculty members who are familiar with your academic work.