Monday, May 10, 2010

American Ethnic Studies Teaching Assistants Needed

Our deparmtent of American Ethnic Studies has outstanding opportinuties for several Graduate Teaching Assistants (TA) for the academic year of 2010/2011. The Department of American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington is a multicultural and multiracial research and teaching unit, dedicated to providing knowledge in the study of race and ethnicity. Through the department's three curricula -- African American Studies, Asian/Pacific American Studies, and Chicano Studies -- students learn interdisciplinary, ethnic-specific, and comparative concepts, theories, and methods of inquiry, which shape the cultural, literary, social, historical, economic, and political character of selected American ethnic communities.

The Graduate TA duties and responsibilities may include the following (specific duties and responsibilities will be provided by course instructor):

* Attend lectures
* Conduct quiz section meetings
* Facilitate discussions
* Prepare lectures for quiz sections
* Prepare review materials for quiz sections
* Hold extra review sessions for exams
* Obtain room for review sessions
* Request or acquire necessary equipment
* Hold regular office hours
* Tutor students
* Manage and respond to course-related e-mail
* Prepare webpage for course materials
* Maintain (update) webpage for course materials
* Develop and maintain electronic bulletin boards, discussion sites, etc.
* Prepare assignments
* Grade assignments
* Prepare test questions
* Proctor exams
* Score exams
* Maintain grading records
* Prepare course attendance records
* Maintain course attendance records
* Calculate quarter grades
* Attend instructor/TA meetings
* Act as liaison/mediator between student and professor
* Prepare lecture materials
* Present lectures
* Prepare overheads
* Prepare handout materials
* Review literature
* Place course materials on library reserve

Applciation Timeline:
Deadline: May 21, 2010
Notification: June 15, 2010
Currently enrolled social science and humanities graduate students with knowledge and experience in Ethnic Studies or cultural diversity.

TA -- $1,525 (Premaster)
TA1 -- $1,639 (Intermediate)
TA2 -- $1,1761 (Candidate)

APPLICATION PROCESS: Fill out form available at:, and submit electronically to along with current CV. Letters of recommendation can be sent in separately by the May 21st deadline. Those currently holding positions must apply for reappointment by May 21st. Students will not be reappointed beyond their second year.

Application forms are also available from B505 Padelford Hall and should be returned to the attention of: ATTN: TA Selection Committee, Department of American Ethnic Studies, B510 Padelford, Box 354380, UW, Seattle, WA 98195-4380.

Angélica Hernández-Cordero
Padelford Hall B510
543-0867 or
Condition of Employment:
Must be UW graduate student enrolled in classes for academic year 2010/2011.