Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UW Hourly Position -- GPSS Office Manager

GPSS Office Manager

*Posted*: October 22, 2010
*Expected Closure:* November 19, 2010
*Expected Start Date*: December 1, 2010
*Supervisor:* Marc Jaffrey, GPSS Treasurer

*Essential Functions:
* The GPSS Office Manager is primarily responsible for
keeping the GPSS Office operational during the year. This includes
administrative tasks as assigned, as well as supporting the four GPSS
Officers with their duties. Acts as the public face for GPSS at the front
desk by answering questions about University services and programs,
assisting graduate and professional students, and coordinating meetings
between GPSS Officers and University administrators. Additionally, the
Office Manager assists with GPSS social programming.

*Additional Duties:
* Office tasks such as maintaining office supplies,
answering phones, delivering messages, and acting as a backup minutes taker
when the Publications Assistant is unavailable.

*Hours and Salary:
*$9-12/hour – 19 hours per week

* Must be a student for the 2010-11 academic year at the
University of Washington. In addition, candidate must possess the
- Excellent telephone and email communication skills
- Ability to multi-task and work efficiently with limited supervision;
ability to work on multiple long-term projects and high priority short-term
- Good typing skills
- Knowledge of University services, programs, and community
- Service-friendly attitude
- Well organized, efficient, and willing to take initiative in solving
problems and improving office environment\
- Works well with different personalities and operating styles
- Experience with *Microsoft Office Suite* is required; detailed
knowledge of *Google Calendar *and* *other online software is a bonus

*Preferred Experience:*
- Large event-planning (400+ people)
- Event logistics
- Promotion and outreach

*Application Materials:
*Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume
with two references. You may also submit an optional writing sample no
longer than five pages. For more information, contact the GPSS Treasurer at
gpsstres@uw.edu or (206) 543-8576.

Please turn in applications and other materials to Condon 401 or at