Monday, February 7, 2011


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Application deadline: MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011 AT NOON.

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the availability of Huckabay Teaching Fellowships for the 2011-12 academic year. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend equivalent to the PDTA 2 level (currently $1761/month), a waiver of state tuition (students in fee-based programs are not eligible), and Graduate Appointee Insurance (GAIP), and must enroll in GRDSCH 620 (Teaching Mentorship Seminar) in winter 2012.

These one-quarter awards are intended to give graduate students an opportunity to work on a specific project focused on teaching and learning at the college and university level. Projects are to be proposed by students, who will find faculty Teaching Mentors, either from UW or from a nearby community college, college, or university to collaborate with them in their projects. During the project, these collaborations between the Fellow and the Mentor should allow the student to benefit from the faculty member’s expertise in teaching, while maintaining a focus centered on the student’s teaching interests. These fellowships cannot be used to teach a course.

These fellowships are funded by a private endowment established by Durward and Susan Huckabay, UW alumni and Laureates, in order to further graduate education at the University of Washington.

Huckabay Fellowships are not intended to fund a student’s academic research, but rather, to broaden the student’s graduate education, particularly in the area of teaching and learning. Proposals will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary committee which will use the criteria listed below. The proposal should:

- Clearly identify a need in instruction or curriculum and demonstrate why this need is important and should be addressed.
- Reflect a clearly explained methodology that is appropriate for addressing the need.
- Make clear the tasks the Fellow will undertake in the collaboration on the project, demonstrating the Fellow-centered nature of the proposal.
- Stipulate plans for assessing the success of the project (including but not limited to student ratings, if appropriate).
- Provide evidence that the student is well qualified to undertake the tasks outlined in the application.
- Describe the Teaching Mentor’s active participation in the project and make clear the ways in which he or she will assist the Fellow in becoming a better teacher.
- Provide evidence of the Teaching Mentor's reflective practice as a teacher that qualifies him or her to undertake the tasks outlined in the proposal.
- Outline the opportunities that the Fellow will have to teach or otherwise use the results of the project, if applicable (note: this fellowship cannot be used to teach a course)

Any faculty member from UW or a nearby college or university is eligible to be a Teaching Mentor.

Graduate students benefit from having multiple faculty mentors, so applicants should consider working with someone other than their research advisors at the UW. Students can also benefit from working with faculty at one of the other higher education institutions in the Seattle area. Faculty mentors may work with only one Huckabay Fellow at a time.

Questions can be directed to Marilyn Gray, Fellowships & Awards, at or 543-7152.