Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teaching Assistants for Pharmacy 508

Teaching Assistants for Pharmacy 508: Evidence Based Medicine: Biostatistics

Our Biostats Professor, David Blough, is looking for 2 TA's for Spring Quarter. Below is the job description. Please contact me, Penny Evans: 616-1383 for further information. Dr. Blough will want to meet interested individuals as soon as possible.

Meet each Friday with approximately 30 students. Form small groups of students, hand out homework assignment, answer any questions. Collect the assignments and grade (approximately 5-7 papers, one per group).

Assist with exam question preparation. Maintain 2 office hours per week to be available to students. Answer any student e-mail regarding the course.

Maintain all student records for the course (homework, midterms, final exam) and compute final course grades according to established formula.

Must have a basic understanding of statistics/biostatistics.

Penny Evans
Program Operations Specialist
Graduate Program Advisor
Department of Pharmacy
Office 206.616.1383 FAX 206.543.3835
Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research & Policy Program