Monday, October 13, 2008

Graduate Assistantship - GPSS Treasurer

Message from Yutaka Ono:

Become GPSS Treasurer!

GPSS will elect a new Treasurer on October 15th at the emergency Senate meeting. The Treasurer will work 19.5 hours a week for the rest of the academic year and earn a wage equivalent to the salary of a TA or RA plus a tuition waiver and graduate appointment health insurance. Officers may not hold a TA/RA appointment while holding a GPSS officer position. We mention money first because GPSS is a serious job. Graduate and professional students have a lot invested in their education, and they expect competent representation.

The Treasurer's duties include overseeing GPSS expenditures, maintaining accurate financial records, assisting senators and graduate students in applying for GPSS funds, supervising the office staff, chairing the GPSS Finance & Budget Committee, serving on the University's Services and Activities Fees Committee, drafting the annual GPSS budget, and planning the social events in winter quarter (such as Speed Dating) and the spring GPSS Social. The responsibilities and benefits of the GPSS Treasurer position are further outlined in the bylaws. The bylaws are available here.

The Bylaws require that a candidate must attend three GPSS meetings during this academic year. That would mean the previous Senate meeting on October1, the upcoming Executive Committee meeting on October 8 in the GPSS Office (HUB300) at 5:30pm, and a meeting of either the Judicial or the Finance and Budget Committee, whose meeting times are yet to be announced.

In light of this fact, I, GPSS Secretary (and thus parliamentarian), would like to mention that the meeting requirement bylaw can be suspended with a 2/3 majority vote of the Senate. So anyone wishing to run as a candidate could still come to our Senate meeting on October 15, and with a recognition from the chair, request that the meeting requirement bylaw be suspended.

For further questions, please contact Yutaka Jono, Secretary (, or Jamie Andrus, Interim Treasurer (