Monday, October 20, 2008

Graduate Staff Assistant - Sociology

Department of Sociology

Graduate Staff Position: Technology GSA

Provide technical support to faculty, staff, and graduate student lab for the Department of Sociology, up to 20 hours per week or 220 hours per quarter. Operate under the supervision of the senior computer specialist and department administrator.


* Diagnose and resolve software problems in consultation with Senior
Computer Specialist. Follow up with manufacturers and suppliers.

* Install and configure software to allow easy interface with UW
computing system, including networking and internet software.

* Maintain, modify, install, update, and test application software
including standard Microsoft Office applications and antivirus software; and system level software such as operating systems, device drivers, and communications software. Applicant will need to be able to find drivers and other support resources on the web.


* Diagnose and resolve hardware problems in consultation with Senior
Computer Specialist. Refer complex problems to Computer Maintenance.
Follow up with manufacturers and suppliers as necessary.

* Install and configure hardware and peripheral devices including
memory, ethernet cards, storage devices, etc.


* Create and maintain portions of the departmental website, using
Macromedia Dreamweaver or other editor, programming in HTML, ASP and ASP.Net.

* Create, modify and maintain Microsoft Access databases.


* Set up Windows XP and Vista workstations.

* Provide individual assistance to faculty and staff on use of
software and network resources.

* Keep lab computers and equipment running at optimal performance
via routine maintenance (virus scanning, drive scanning and defragmentation, elimination of illegally installed software, etc.).

* Monitor and maintain security in computer lab, equipment, and

* Maintain equipment inventory database in concert with Senior
Computer Specialist.

* Participate in infrequent special upgrades of equipment and
software; may require occasional weekend or evening work.


* Experience with complete setup, configuration and troubleshooting
of Windows XP/Vista.

* Experience supporting and troubleshooting Windows-based hardware.

* Experience developing and maintaining Microsoft Access databases.

* Experience creating web sites that utilize Microsoft's ASP and
ASP.Net technologies, as well as interfacing webpages with Microsoft Access databases.

* Strong customer service focus and ability to effectively interact
with users at their level of understanding.

* Experience maintaining and supporting Microsoft Office suite of

* Ability to set up and configure email clients for access to UW
email system.

* Experience working with the UW computing systems.

* Experience using a variety of internet tools, including web
browsers; Secure FTP applications; email clients (Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, PCPine).

Email resume and cover letter to Michael Goldblatt at and Michele Conrad at