Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009-2010 Chester Fritz Grants


For 2009-10 the Graduate School will award several grants from the Chester Fritz endowment to support the international study or research by UW graduate students in the social sciences and humanities. These grants are available to fund research and/or study periods of three months. The stipend will be equivalent to the stipend of a Predoc Teaching Associate II, currently, $1718 per month, and include paid health insurance and UW tuition. No extra money is included for airfare. At the end of the study/research period, students will provide the UW with a written summary and evaluation of their experiences.

In allocating these awards, PRIORITY will be given to applications with the following:
1. evidence of appropriate language competence, and

2. documentation of the relevance of the university or locale to the planned research, and

3. documentation of the relationship between the proposed study/research and the applicant's academic program, and

4. an indication that the international experience is new, that is, students returning to their home country or frequent visitors to the proposed site will have lower priority.

Students who have already received a Graduate School Pembroke Award or a previous Graduate School Fritz or Western Europe Travel Grant are ineligible to receive a Fritz Award.
For more information and the application form, please go to: