Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies

Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies (CTAS) at the University of Bath (UK) Fall 2010

The Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies (CTAS) is a unique program designed for UW students interested in sharing the experience of exploring contemporary European politics and trans-Atlantic relations with student colleagues from across Europe. What sets the program apart is that it brings the same group of European and US students together to study on both sides of the Atlantic, giving it a curricular and social dynamic unlike any other foreign study program. Accepted applicants will have the opportunity to spend autumn quarter at the University of Bath, ranked by the Times and Guardian newspapers as one of Britain's top fifteen universities, to study European politics and culture with academic experts from across Europe. Accepted students will also have the option of joining a group of Euromasters students coming to the UW for Spring Quarter to study trans-Atlantic relations. Students who successfully complete both quarters, at Bath, and the UW, will receive a Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies from the EU Center of Excellence.

Program Features:
- Study with faculty and distinguished guest lecturers from the University of Bath and from throughout the UK and the European Union. All coursework and lectures are in English.
- Learn about Europe not only from the academic perspective of your coursework and instructors, but also from the personal points of view of the approximately fifty European students participating in the Euromasters program.
- Automatically receive a $750-$1,500 travel grant from the UW's EU Center of Excellence.
- Receive UW resident credits for your coursework in Bath and maintain your scholarship and financial aid status.
- Take the optional Spring Quarter special Trans-Atlantic Studies seminar, plus one course on US politics, history or culture, alongside a select cohort of Euromaster students coming to the UW from all over Europe.

Eligibility and Costs:
The CTAS program is open to upper level UW undergraduate students and graduate students currently enrolled in any related field, e.g. political science, public affairs, international studies. Accepted applicants pay their regular UW tuition for 1.5 quarters and receive 20-25 UW credits for their work. UW students pay their UW tuition and concurrent enrollment fee to the UW International Programs and Exchanges office. Students pay no additional tuition to the University of Bath.
All accepted CTAS students will receive travel grants from the European Union Center of Excellence. These awards typically range from $750-$1,500.

Applications and more information:
Applications for the CTAS program are due to the EU Center by April 9, 2010.
Application details and forms are available at the CTAS program website: